India / Shraddha Walkar Murder Case Here what Aaftab was asked during polygraph test

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 07:18 PM
Shraddha Walker murder case update: Polygraphy test of accused Aftab in Shraddha Walker murder case was done. During this, he gave roundabout answers to the questions of the officers. According to the sources of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team, looking at Aftab's body language, it does not appear that he has committed such a heinous incident. It seems from his answers that he has no remorse for his actions. At the beginning of the polygraphy test, the accused Aftab was in a hurry to answer the questions, but as soon as the deep secrets related to Shraddha were asked, he started avoiding answering the questions by saying that he had fever. During interrogation Aftab said that I have fever.

Meanwhile, he told the FSL team that when he had told everything, then why the police had brought him there. In the polygraphy test, Aftab told that he likes watching crime, thriller based movies very much. Aftab also demanded cigarettes from the FSL officials during interrogation. Aftab's polygraphy test is going on in Rohini.

Narco test can be done on Monday

According to Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) officials, Aftab's test could not be done on Wednesday as he had fever. If the sources of Ambedkar Hospital are to be believed then after completion of Aftab's polygraphy test, his medical test will also be done, the result of which can come in two days. Aftab's narco test can be done only after the medical report comes. There is a possibility that Aftab's narco test can be done on Monday.

In the polygraphy test, body activity is recorded according to the speed of blood sugar, nerves and breathing and it is ascertained whether the person is answering the question correctly or not. On the other hand, in the narco test, the person's own consciousness is completely reduced, so that he can openly tell his inner things.

The murder happened 6 months ago

Aftab had allegedly strangled his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar to death in the month of May. After this he cut the dead body into 35 pieces and kept throwing them one by one in the forest. Aftab had kept these pieces of the dead body in a fridge so that he could place them in different parts of the city from time to time.

In this case of murder, Delhi Police has recovered 5 knives from Aftab's flat, while the saw used to cut the dead body has not been recovered yet. Police is examining the knives to find out whether they were used in the murder or not.