Delhi / Singapore Airlines plane makes emergency landing at Delhi airport

India TV : May 09, 2019, 10:40 AM

A Singapore Airlines aircraft carrying 228 people made an emergency landing in the national capital on Wednesay after experiencing a glitch in the nose wheel, an airport official said.

Coming from Singapore, the A380-800 plane made a hard landing and was later towed away to the parking bay, according o a passenger on board.

The airline issued a statement, saying that the aircraft experienced a hydraulic system issue prior to its arrival in Delhi.

"As a result, the aircraft needed to be towed to the parking bay after landing. A normal disembarkation was subsequently carried out," it said, adding that none of the passengers or crew on board were in any danger.

The airport official said full emergency was declared for the SQ 406 Singapore-Delhi flight. The plane, which experienced some problem with its nose wheel, made a safe landing, he added.

He said the plane landed on runway 28 at around 8.20 pm and vacated the runway at around 8.38 pm.

According to the passenger, there was apparently a "loss of steering capacity" for the plane, which also aborted landing once.