Lok Sabha Election / Slogan crossed 118 and seats 4...Congress will make BJP's 'fuss' slogans an issue

Zoom News : Apr 09, 2024, 10:45 AM
Lok Sabha Election: At present, election activity has intensified in the country. Political parties are trying to create an atmosphere in their favor among the public with the help of election slogans. This time BJP has given the slogan, this time we have crossed 400, Modi's guarantee and again Modi government. However, Congress is going to run a campaign against BJP using its slogans.

Let us tell you that Congress has come out with a figure of the impact of BJP's slogans and seats in many elections. With these figures, Congress is trying to show that BJP's slogans have become futile under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP never got as many seats as it claimed in its slogans.

BJP fears defeat

In fact, this time BJP has claimed to come to power for the third time by giving the slogan of crossing 400. At the same time, the opposition is strongly criticizing BJP regarding this claim. Congress has called it overconfidence. Congress said that BJP is afraid of its defeat and in such a situation it has started trying to deceive the country. But this time these slogans are not going to be successful. He said that BJP's frustration and fear of defeat is reflected in its slogans.

Congress raised questions on these slogans

2017 Gujarat elections: slogan crossed 150, got 99 seats

2018 Chhattisgarh Elections: Slogan crossed 50, got 15 seats

2018 Mizoram elections: Nara crosses 21 seats, gets 1 seat

2019 Haryana Elections: Nara crossed 75 seats, got 40 seats.

2019 Jharkhand Elections: Slogan crossed 65, got 25 seats

2020 Delhi Elections: Nara crossed 45 seats, got 8 seats

2021 Tamil Nadu Elections: Nara crosses 118, gets 4 seats

2021 Bengal elections: Nara crosses 200, gets 77 seats

2022 Himachal Elections: Nara crossed 45 seats, got 25 seats.

Environment in favor of India alliance

Congress claimed that an atmosphere is being created in favor of our party and India alliance across the country. Taking a jibe at BJP, Congress said that some people are saying that this time it will cross 400, but there is no truth in this slogan.