Bollywood / Sonu Sood niece Nayra is very cute watch the videos

Zoom News : May 17, 2021, 01:01 PM
Bollywood | Day or night actor Sonu Sood is active on social media all the time. Sonu helps the people out loud. Sonu is a beloved niece of actor Sonu Sood who became a messiah for the people in lockdown and corona era, with whom Sonu loves to spend time. Sonu Sood had shared a video of Bhanji Naira last year, which went viral. Now once again Naira's cuteness video is going viral.

Sonu Sood shared Naira's funny video

After watching the video, people are becoming a fan of Nayra as they are fans of Sonu Sood and are praising Naira a lot. In this video, Naira is complaining to her maternal uncle, Sonu's sister, in a cute way. She is saying that Mommy drinks Sara Limka and also eats chicken. Sonu shared a funny caption while sharing this video. He wrote in the caption, 'My niece Naira has a real problem. Mom drinks her limca and also eats chicken from her plate. Everyone must have had this experience in childhood.

Naira complained to Sonu Mama

Sonu Sood's fans are fondly watching Naira's video and showering love. In the video, Naira is saying, 'When I was sitting on the couch, the mother drank Sara Limca and did not let me drink even once. When I eat chicken, my mother says give me a bite. When their chicken runs out, then my chicken eats. When grandfather comes with cracks, my cracks also eat everything.

Sonu's nephew is seen in Ed

Let me tell you, Nayra also has a brother, that is, a nephew of Sonu Sood. In the past, both were also cast in an ed. The cuteness of both of them was also seen there. Sonu Sood's sister Malvika Sachar also frequently posts cute videos of Naira. Fans now like every video of Naira.