Skincare | Gazal Babel Kothari | Fastest-Growing / Storming The Exhibition Arena, Leafoberryy Grains New Grounds

News Helpline : Oct 30, 2023, 05:00 PM
The fastest-growing name in skin care across the nation, Leafoberryy, once again proves that they care for their customers, regardless of demography. 
Leafoberryy successfully ruled not just one but two different varied and high-demanding exhibitions held in Coimbatore and Jaipur. The company stands tall by its claim of excellence, commitment, and customer care, in the skin-care arena. 
Coimbatore is a region that is still uncharted when it comes to skincare products; finding a firm footing in this market space has been a daunting task for major cosmetic companies, but Leafoberryy, rather than aiming to just sell products, tried a different approach. They educated their customer base first and introduced them to high-quality individual skin-need-based amazing products. As a result, the company's sales jumped, hence proving their motto of safe and affordable skincare for everyone. 
During the Jaipur Exhibition, which was a solely B2B event, Leafoberryy approached the arena with a fresh new mindset to influence professionals and enthusiasts by engaging in an open discussion, which resulted in impressive inputs from clients and eventually putting extra sale markers in the company’s lap, re-establishing their continuous commitment for quality and reliability. 
"It’s just the beginning. After gaining a good start in these two exhibitions, we are aiming for bigger and better things. Awareness backed by good service, that’s how one approaches his customers, we’re not here to make a quick buck, this is a lifelong commitment of safety, assurance, and reliance" said Gazal Babel Kothari, founder of Leafoberryy.