Coronavirus / Strange smelly side effect of covid-19, lady says its putting her off while having sex

Zoom News : Apr 01, 2021, 09:37 AM
Covid-19: Cold, cough, fever as well as snoring and loss of taste are common symptoms of Covid-19. Meanwhile, a new research related to Coronavirus has revealed that Kovid can also affect hearing ability. According to another research, if you have stomach pain and loose motion, then it can also be a symptom of becoming Corona infected.

Weird post kovid system

Actually Corona has changed its symptoms. Long-term side effects were observed within some people after being infected with the corona virus. People everywhere in the country and abroad have shared their experiences in social media or survey of government hospitals. Meanwhile, the claim of a woman from abroad is making headlines on social media.

Foul smell occurs during sex

This case may seem a bit strange to hear in the results of research conducted so far regarding Pre Corona Symptom and Post Corona Symptom. In fact, this woman says that she feels a strange rotten and sore throat during her personal moments with her husband. Doctors say in the language of medical science it is called Paranosmia. This causes the victim's inclination to diverge completely from his favorite fragrance. Doctors around the world have reported some such symptoms in their research.

In May 2020, the NHS added symptoms in its official report in May 2020, with the test and smelled undetected. Instead of ignoring any abnormal changes in the body, it is better to immediately check your body with a doctor. Surprising now, it is being said that people affected by the corona virus say that their ability to smell is intact but there is a strange change in it. There are many things whose fragrance used to look good earlier but it has changed strangely.

Effect on married life

According to a report published in The Sun, a woman living in Nashville, US, claimed to have suffered from Paranosmia in the latest case. He says that during sex, he has a very strange smell that now he does not want to have an engagement with a partner. The 35-year-old woman was corona infected in November last year. He told a media house that his attention recently turned to this symptom. She said that due to this, she is going through a lot of mental stress because it is now having an effect on her married life.