Bollywood / Tabu said on Bollywood Boycott - 'Career ends'

Zoom News : Aug 18, 2022, 10:11 PM
Bollywood | These days, while on the one hand, Bollywood films are being increasingly seen on social media, on the other hand now celebs have also started reacting to it. Many celebs have spoken about this till Ekta Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and R Madhavan. In such a situation, now Bollywood's veteran actress Tabu has also reacted. Tabu has said that the actors should keep themselves away from the hits and flops of the films and we should not even take the stress of it.

Tabu is away from the numbers game

Actually, films are getting beaten up in Bollywood since the beginning of this year. Tabu has distanced himself from the tension of the flop film. Tabu said that he has kept himself away from this number game. Tabu said, 'I don't think about it, I think actors should keep themselves away from hits and flops, we should not even take the stress of it.'

Our job is to do good acting

Tabu further said, 'Our job is to act well in the film and we should do the same. Don't worry about the flop because our money is not spent in the film, let the producer think about it all. But yes, when the film does well, we feel happy too. When a film becomes a hit, it benefits everyone in some way or the other. ,

Actor's career ends...

Tabu said, "But if it doesn't do well, I don't know who will suffer." I don't think an actor's career ends when a film flops. It also takes time. So don't worry too much about hits and flops. Remind that there have been many hit films in her account and she has always won the hearts of the audience with her strong acting.