Rajasthan News / The doctor tied the car and dragged it for 5 kilometers after the dog entered the house - case registered

Zoom News : Sep 19, 2022, 09:03 AM
Rajasthan News: A doctor (plastic surgeon) from Jodhpur crossed all limits of cruelty on Sunday. When a street dog entered his house, he tied the dog in his car and dragged it for 5 kilometers. The dog was seriously injured by this. Then the people passing by stopped the doctor's car and rescued the dog. On this the doctor started protesting and called the police.

After this Maneka Gandhi called the police, when the dog was sent to the hospital and a case of animal cruelty was registered against the doctor.

Tammaye doctor sir

Dr. Rajneesh Galwa, posted as a plastic surgeon at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Jodhpur, lives in Shastri Nagar, the most posh colony of the city. It is being told that the dog used to enter Doctor Galwa's house frequently. The same thing happened on Sunday afternoon. Street dog entered their house. This angered Doctor Galwa. He took the rope and tied it around the dog's neck. Dragging him and brought him outside.

He tied the rope to his car and started making the car run at high speed. The poor dog kept running after the car. Due to the high speed of the car, he was also dragging on the road in between. He had wounds all over his body. Hridayesh Singh and Aparna Jassa among others saw this action of the doctor at Shastri Circle located at Shastri Nagar at 1 pm.

attempt to stop the car

Seeing the dog running behind the car on the road, people tried to stop it. It is alleged that Dr. Rajneesh Galwa kept driving the car. The passersby rode the bike behind the car and surrounded the car from the front. Parked the bike in front of the car. Then the car stopped. Dr Galwa also opposed it. He also got into an argument with the people who stopped him. In this, a passerby informed the workers of Dog Home Foundation. When the members of the foundation came, the doctor got confused with them too.

The doctor called the police

When the people of the foundation called their ambulance for the injured dog, the doctor created a ruckus. He called the Shastrinagar police station and the police also came. Foundation member Kuldeep told that the police also kept the ambulance on hold. After this Maneka Gandhi called SHO Jogendra Singh from Delhi, then left the ambulance. Hitesh of the foundation said that we have given a report to the police. The station in-charge said that Aparna Bissa has filed a case against the doctor.

Doctor's wife reached the police station

Kuldeep Khatri of Dog Home Foundation said that the police also stopped the ambulance due to the influence of the doctor. When the case was registered, the doctor's wife also reached the police station. He tried to suppress the matter by paying some money. The dog is currently undergoing treatment at the Dog Home Foundation.

Shastrinagar police station in-charge Jogendra Singh said that a case has been registered against the accused doctor under section 11 of the Cruelty to Animals Act and section 428 of the IPC.

This is the provision of punishment

Under sections 428, 429 of the IPC and section 11 of the PCA Act, thrashing and thrashing of a street dog is a punishable offense. Under the government policy and Animal Birth Control 2011, in the area where these street dogs are terrorized, they can be sterilized but cannot be killed. If anyone harass or tries to kill these street dogs or cattle then a case of animal cruelty can be registered with the police.

under which section how much punishment

Section 428: Killing and poisoning an animal or causing it to be maimed shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with both.

Section 429: Killing, poisoning or crippling an animal shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both.