WFI Election 2023 / The High Court put a stay on the election of Wrestling Federation of India just a day before the voting

Zoom News : Aug 11, 2023, 06:00 PM
WFI Election 2023: The election of Wrestling Federation of India has been banned. Haryana High Court has imposed this ban on the election of wrestling association. The elections were to be held on Saturday (August 12). But now it has been banned till 28 August. There was a dispute going on between the two Wrestling Federations of Haryana for a few days, on which the Haryana High Court has taken this big decision. The wrestlers had also decided to hold a press conference regarding the election. It was to be held at Rajghat located in the capital. But the police imposed section 144 on Rajghat. This information was given by Vinesh Phogat on Twitter. In which he made it clear that he was being prevented from holding a press conference.

Vinesh Phogat wrote on Twitter, 'Police has implemented 144 at Rajghat. We have been stopped from holding a press conference. Will finalize the time and place of the next press conference soon. After this tweet, the new place and date has not been announced yet. There were speculations that in this press conference, a big decision could be taken regarding the election of the Wrestling Federation of India. But the press conference did not take place and now the election itself has been stayed.

Why did the High Court ban?

Haryana Wrestling Association had filed a petition in the Haryana Punjab High Court. On which this hearing has taken place. It has been told in the petition that in the election of the Wrestling Federation of India, priority has been given to any other association in their place. At the same time, the opposing association is giving clarification on this. He believes that he is affiliated with the Wrestling Federation of India. Due to this controversy, the Haryana Punjab High Court has decided to stay the election till 28 August.