Electricity crisis / The stock of coal left in the country for only four days the situation may be like China

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 10:35 PM
In the coming days, there may be a power failure in your house as there is only four days of coal left in the country. According to the Ministry of Power, the stock of coal in coal-based power generation stations has become very less. Let us tell you that 70 percent of the electricity generation in the country is done by coal only. According to the information, out of total 135 thermal power plants, 72 have less than three days' stock of coal left. Whereas there are 50 power plants where there is a stock of coal for four to 10 days.

Why did this crisis come

According to the information given by the Ministry of Energy, one reason behind the power crisis is also the Corona period, in which other work from office work was being done from home and people used electricity fiercely during this period. The second reason is the target of providing electricity to every household, due to which the demand for electricity has increased significantly as compared to earlier. According to a data of the Ministry of Power, in the month of August-September 2019, the total consumption of electricity was 10 thousand 660 crore units per month. This figure has increased to 12 thousand 420 crore units per month in 2021.

Water filled in mines due to heavy rain

At the same time, officials say that due to heavy rains, coal is not being extracted due to waterlogging in the mines. Coal crisis has arisen not only in UP but in the whole country. In power plants where coal stocks are short, production has been reduced so that there is no need to shut down the units completely. There has been a decrease of about 2000 MW in the generation of electricity in UP. Officials say that since the demand is not very high, the situation is under control. But, the demand is likely to increase in the festive season starting with Navratri this week.

Coal consumption has increased by 18% in 2021 as compared to 2019

In the month of August-September of 2021, the consumption of coal has increased by 18 percent as compared to 2019. India has huge coal reserves, but it has been badly affected by increasing consumption. Apart from this, India imports coal from countries like Indonesia, Australia and America. The biggest thing is that the price of coal has tripled.

power crisis in china

Let us tell you that due to the shortage of coal in many provinces of China, people were asked to reduce the consumption of electricity. This series started ten days ago. First, power plants in Zhejiang province were asked to stop production for 24 hours every three days. Due to this, shopping malls, cinema halls, bars etc. were instructed to reduce their working hours and switch off the heating system. This news has been published by China Economic Weekly. Later, other Chinese news media also gave this news on the basis of it. Now similar situation is arising in India also.