Power Crisis / Lack of coal threatens power crisis so many days stock left

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 19, 2022, 08:25 PM
The All India Electricity Engineers Federation (AIPEF) has feared a power crisis in the coming times due to insufficient supply of coal in the coal-based power generation plants across the country.

With the rise in heat, the demand for electricity increased

AIPEF said in a statement today (Tuesday) that with the increasing heat, the demand for electricity has increased in most of the states of the country but coal-fired thermal power plants are not getting the required quantity of coal. Due to this, many states are facing difficulty in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of electricity.

Coal reserves are in critical condition here

All India Federation of Electricity Engineers spokesperson VK Gupta said that the country may face power crisis if adequate supply of coal is not ensured to thermal power plants. Quoting the daily coal report of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), the statement said that of the total 150 thermal power stations using domestic coal, 81 coal reserves are in critical condition. The condition of private thermal power plants is equally bad, whose coal reserves in 28 out of 54 plants are in critical condition.

Which states have the worst situation?

According to the statement of AIPEF, the worst situation in the northern region of the country is in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. All the seven thermal plants with a capacity of 7,580 MW in Rajasthan have very little stock left. In Uttar Pradesh too, the coal stock situation in three government plants, except the Anpara plant, remains critical.

How much is the stock of coal left?

On the other hand, the Rajpura plant in Punjab has 17 days of coal reserves, while the Talwandi Sabo plant has four days' stock. At the same time, the stock of coal near the GVK plant has run out. According to the statement, the Yamunanagar plant in Haryana has a stock of 8 days and the Panipat plant for 7 days. With only one unit being active in Khedar power plant, there is a stock of 22 days left.

According to AIPEF, 2,400 MW of power shortage is being recorded in the northern states of the country in the evening. In this, a shortfall of 1,200 MW has been recorded from Uttar Pradesh and 600 MW from Haryana. The Union Power Ministry has recommended foreign import of coal for blending up to 10 per cent to maintain adequate stock of coal in case power demand peaks in the next few months.

However, AIPEF believes that expensive imported coal will increase the cost. Apart from this, the Railways has said to use 415 trains every day for the transportation of coal, whereas the requirement is 453 trains.