Mohali Students MMS Leak / The warden reprimanded the girl accused in the MMS scandal, watch the video

Zoom News : Sep 18, 2022, 07:06 PM
Mohali Students MMS Leak: After the case of alleged leaking of videos of girls in Chandigarh University hostel came to light, university students demonstrated on a large scale. A girl living in the hostel has been accused of making the video. The police has arrested the accused girl and the matter is being investigated.

Now another video related to this case is going viral in which the hostel warden is seen reprimanding the accused girl and interrogating the matter. In the video, the warden is seen asking the accused student - Shameless... who told you to make the video. Apart from this, the warden also asks many questions like who is that boy on whose behest you are sending the video, since when have you been making the video. At the same time, the accused girl is not seen speaking much on the matter. She seems to be talking half-heartedly. During this, other girls are also present there. The warden can be heard scolding the accused student 'what a disgusting work you are doing'

What did Chandigarh University say on the whole matter?

On this whole matter, the Chandigarh University administration has denied making videos of many girl students and has also said that the talk of girl students committing suicide is completely rumored.

University's Pro-Chancellor Dr. RS Bawa said, "There are rumors that 7 girls have committed suicide while the truth is that no girl has tried to take such a step. No girl has been admitted to the hospital in the incident.

Along with this, he said that he also denied the talk of making many MMS. He further said, "There is another rumor which is spreading through the media that 60 objectionable MMS of various students have been found. This is completely false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation done by the university, no such student has been found." No video has been found that is objectionable, except a private video shot by a girl that she shared with her boyfriend.

The university is fully committed and competent to ensure the safety of all students, especially girl students, in the statement.