Lok Sabha Election / 'There will be such a crushing defeat that...', PM Modi lashed out at Indi alliance in Motihari

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 21, 2024, 04:35 PM
Lok Sabha Election: While addressing an election rally in Motihari, Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this land of Champaran is the land of inspiration. Your affection, enthusiasm and blessings are showing what is going to happen in the country in the sixth and seventh phase. Five phase elections were completed yesterday itself. Indi alliance had lost in the first phase. The Indie alliance collapsed in its later stages. Now in the fifth phase which took place yesterday, the Indi alliance has been completely defeated. Those who consider themselves the parents of the public, the public will give them such a crushing defeat that the world will keep watching.

The PM further said, "21st century India cannot move forward with the sins of the Indi alliance, that is why the public is attacking parties like Congress, RJD in every election. On June 4, the biggest attack on the intentions of the Indi people." This attack will be on corruption in the country, this attack will be on the tukde tukde gang, this attack will be on the distorted mentality that abuses the society. The attack will be on criminals, mafia jungle raj, this attack will be on anti-women mentality."

"Completely left Bapu"

He said, "Here in Champaran, Pujya Bapu had experimented with Swachhagraha through Satyagraha. After independence, Congress should have taken inspiration from this and started a movement for cleanliness in the country. The cleanliness requirement of Pujya Bapu was a priority in the country." They had the opportunity to pay the biggest tribute to Bapu, but on the very first day of coming to power, they abandoned Bapu's ideas and concentrated only on his ideals. Insisted on promoting one family. Congress and its allies together ruined the lives of three-four generations."

Mentioned about 60 years of rule

The Prime Minister said, "Seventy years after independence, when you gave an opportunity to the son of a poor mother to serve and after sixty-seventy years, when Modi came, you reached every toilet in every house. I am the son of a poor mother, so I know. The women of our country had to spend their days without facilities like toilets, but they did not even understand that when Modi came, electricity reached every house. Modi is the one who is working hard day and night to provide tap water to every house. He is making you poorer and poorer. In sixty years, these people built huge palaces, opened accounts in Swiss banks and had no food to feed, but these people's safes were full of notes, mountains of notes. Are."

PM told- What did you do in 10 years?

Addressing the public meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Your children did not have schools to study, but their children kept going abroad to study. The question of the poor in the country started when this son of the poor became a head servant. A lot of Modi's time was spent in your service. The work that was done in the last 10 years will now be done in the next five years, this is Modi's guarantee.