NDA Government / This is not a cabinet but NDA's 'family circle'- Rahul Gandhi's big attack on the government

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 11, 2024, 06:55 PM
NDA Government: Rahul Gandhi has described the new cabinet of Modi 3.0 as the family mandal of NDA. Rahul Gandhi has shared a poster on social media, which has the names of those ministers whose father or other family members have been in politics earlier. Among them, there are many leaders whose father has even been PM and CM. The leaders who were made ministers in Modi's third term were given portfolios late on Monday evening. On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi described this cabinet as the family mandal of NDA in a social media post. While sharing the poster of the names of the leaders, Rahul Gandhi has also made a big attack on PM Narendra Modi.

What did Rahul Gandhi write

The poster shared by Rahul Gandhi on the social media platform X has the names of 20 leaders written in it, which includes the names of leaders of BJP as well as allies. In the post, Rahul Gandhi has written that those who call the tradition of struggle, service and sacrifice of generations as familyism are distributing the will of power to their government family. Rahul Gandhi has further written that Narendra Modi calls this difference between words and actions.

Names of these leaders in the poster

  • 1- HD Kumaraswamy son HD Deve Gowda (Former Prime Minister)
  • 2- Jyotiraditya Scindia son Madhav Rao Scindia (Former Union Minister)
  • 3- Kiran Rijiju son Rinchin Kharu (Former Protem Speaker)
  • 4- Raksha Khadse daughter-in-law Eknath Khadse (Former Minister)
  • 5- Jayant Chaudhary grandson Chaudhary Charan Singh (Former Prime Minister)
  • 6- Chirag Paswan son Ram Vilas Paswan (Former Union Minister)
  • 7- JP Nadda son-in-law Jayshree Banerjee (Former MP and Minister)
  • 8- Ramnath Thakur son Karpoori Thakur, (Former CM)
  • 9- Ram Mohan Naidu, son Yerren Naidu (Former Union Minister)
  • 10- Jitin Prasad son Jitendra Prasad (Former MP)
  • 11- Rao Indrajit Singh son Rao Birendra Singh (Former CM)
  • 12- Piyush Goyal son Ved Prakash Goyal (Former Union Minister)
  • 13- Kirti Vardhan Singh son Maharaj Anand Singh (Former Minister)
  • 14- Ravneet Singh Bittu son of Beant Singh (former CM)
  • 15- Dharmendra Pradhan son of Debendra Pradhan (former Union Minister)
  • 16- Anupriya Patel son of Sone Lal Patel (founder of Apna Dal)
  • 17- Kamlesh Paswan son of Om Prakash Paswan (former Lok Sabha candidate)
  • 18- Shantanu Thakur son of Manjul Thakur (former minister)
  • 19- Virendra Kumar Khatik brother in law Gauri Shankar (former minister)
  • 20- Annapurna Devi wife of Ramesh Prasad Yadav (former MLA)
Rahul Gandhi's gratitude meeting in Rae Bareli

Rahul Gandhi is holding a gratitude meeting in Rae Bareli today, it is believed that in this he can announce to leave one of the seats from Rae Bareli and Wayanad. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are also participating in this meeting. Before the meeting, Amethi MP KL Sharma has said that the people here want Rahul Gandhi to remain MP from Rae Bareli only. Apart from this, he has also expressed his personal wish that Rahul Gandhi should remain MP from Rae Bareli only.