Lok Sabha Speaker / Who will be the speaker? BJP sought names and suggestions from its allies

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 18, 2024, 06:50 PM
Lok Sabha Speaker: Many names have been discussed for the last one week regarding who will be the speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha. Now big news has come out regarding the selection of the Lok Sabha Speaker. According to sources, BJP, the largest party in the Lok Sabha, has asked its allies to suggest names for the post of Speaker. Sources say that BJP has asked Telugu Desam Party, Janata Dal United and LJP (R) if they have any name in mind for the Speaker? However, no comment has been made by any of the allies regarding this yet. These parties have left the decision to Prime Minister Modi.

Meeting at Rajnath's house regarding the Speaker

A meeting is proposed at the house of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday evening regarding the new Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Two days ago also, a meeting of NDA leaders has been held at Rajnath Singh's house.

It is being said that the responsibility of creating a consensus regarding the Speaker has been given to Rajnath Singh by the BJP high command. The first meeting was held at Rajnath Singh's house, in which JDU, TDP and LJP (R) leaders participated.

There are three types of discussions going on regarding the Speaker

1. Speaker of BJP and Deputy Speaker of allies

This is the most discussed topic. It is being said that being the bigger party, BJP will keep the post of Speaker with itself. In return, it will give the post of Deputy Speaker to allies. In 2014 and 2019 also, BJP had made the Speaker from its own quota.

In 2014, the party had given the post of Deputy Speaker to AIADMK. In 2019, the post of Deputy Speaker was vacant.

2. TDP's claim for the post of Speaker

The second big discussion about the post of Speaker in the NDA camp is related to TDP's claim. It is being said that in 1998, TDP got the post of Speaker in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government. The party had made GMC Balayogi the Speaker of the Lok Sabha at that time.

However, TDP has not given any official statement on this yet. JDU has definitely said that this post will go to BJP.

3. India will also stake claim

Apart from the NDA camp, India Alliance has also started staking claim for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker. If the parties of India Alliance do not get the post of Deputy Speaker, then the parties will also field a candidate for the post of Speaker.

Generally, under political transparency, there is a tradition of giving the post of Deputy Speaker to the opposition. However, since 2014, BJP has not been able to do so.