China Taiwan News / This neighboring country openly spoke about the dragon and closed it - after all why does China call Taiwan as its own

Zoom News : Aug 07, 2022, 01:32 PM
China Taiwan Conflict: After US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Taiwan has claimed China's claims on her country, citing China's military exercise as the root cause of tension in the region. has been rejected. Taiwan's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that China has never ruled Taiwan. The historical claim made by China is false. Being an independent country, Taiwan has the right to establish relations with any country in the world. China cannot interfere in this.

China's provocative action

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said that China's missile launch and deployment of military ships and aircraft near Taiwan is highly irresponsible and provocative. China is creating unrest in this area. China is trying to change the status quo.

China's attempt to change the status quo

Let us inform that the Foreign Ministry of G7 countries and European Union countries have also issued a joint statement saying that China should not try to change the status quo in the region by force. Apart from this, the foreign ministries of America, Australia and Japan issued a statement saying that China should immediately stop its military exercises and work to establish peace in the area.

Taiwan will firmly defend its sovereignty

It was also said on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan that being a responsible member of the international community, Taiwan does not want to escalate this dispute. Taiwan will peacefully respond to China's irresponsible military exercise. In addition, it will firmly defend its sovereignty and national security.

Meanwhile, Taiwan also called for condemning China's provocative military action and continuing to support democratic Taiwan.