Technical / Twitter blue tick will now cost 8 dollar per month

Zoom News : Nov 02, 2022, 01:08 PM
Technical | For a verified account (Bluetick) on Twitter, users will have to pay a subscription charge every month. Earlier this was to be done at $ 20 per month, but users opposed it and called it too expensive. After this, the new owner of the company, Elon Musk, has decided to reduce the monthly charge to $ 8 (about Rs 660). Musk also tweeted about this. In the tweet, he said that the current system of Twitter for blue ticks is rubbish.

Will get many new features

Apart from reducing the monthly subscription charge for Twitter Blue Tick, Musk has also added some new and special features for the users. Musk said that now users will get the necessary priority in reply, mention and search option to prevent spam and scam. Apart from this, now users will also be able to post long videos and audios on Twitter. Also, Twitter users will now see much less ads than before.

There will be no change in the $ 8 monthly subscription charge

Elon Musk is not going to make any changes regarding the subscription charges fixed for the Twitter Verify account. Musk made another tweet this morning. In this tweet, he has asked those complaining for the subscription charge to continue complaining but now it will remain only $ 8 per month.

increased tension of twitter employees

There has been a lot of tension among Twitter employees since Musk's entry. According to the report, some engineers of Twitter have been asked to work for 12 hours a day. It is being told that if Musk's new decisions and changes to be made in Twitter are not completed on time, then his job may also be lost. Twitter's engineers have been given a November 7 deadline to launch the paid verification feature.