Khalistan Dispute / Two close associates of pro-Khalistan terrorist Arsh Dalla arrested, plan to settle here failed

Vikrant Shekhawat : Oct 12, 2023, 12:48 PM
Khalistan Dispute: Special Cell of Delhi Police has got a big success today. Two gangsters Kishan and Gurbinder, close to pro-Khalistan terrorists, have been arrested after the encounter. According to the information received, these people were busy preparing to carry out some major crimes in Delhi and Punjab, which have been foiled by Delhi Police.

Hand grenade recovered from gangster's possession

Police have recovered a hand grenade from the possession of both Kishan and Gurbinder, who were arrested after the encounter in Delhi. Apart from this, some weapons have also been recovered from them. Let us tell you that both these gangsters were absconding after the recent murder of Congress Sarpanch Balli in Monga, Punjab. Police said that after their arrest, their plan to commit crimes in Delhi and Punjab has failed.

A few days ago also a close friend was arrested

Just a few days ago, Delhi Police had achieved a success. A few days ago, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had arrested Harjeet Singh alias Harry Mode, close to Arsh Dalla. Harry used to take money from people sitting in Canada and work here including murder, extortion and smuggling of drugs and weapons. Apart from this, Harry was also involved in anti-national activities. Harry, a resident of Bathinda, was arrested by Delhi Police from Sarita Vihar.

According to the information received from the police, Harry Mode used to handle the entire work of pro-Khalistan terrorists Arsh Dalla and Sukha Doonike in India.