Firozabad / UP Police constable raises questions on quality of food

Zoom News : Aug 10, 2022, 10:45 PM
Firozabad | The constable of the police line of Firozabad district of UP, known as Suhagnagri, has raised questions crying over the food received in the line. He said that complaints were made to the SSP to the RI, but the supply of water, pulses and raw rotis has not stopped. The video regarding the matter has also gone viral. The higher officials have not said anything in the matter.

Manoj Kumar son of Aligarh Bhagwati Prasad is a constable in the police line and is currently engaged in his duty in the court. On Wednesday, his video went viral in which he is showing the pulses kept in a plate. Expressing anger about Paninuma dal. Apart from this, the rotis were shown how to eat these raw rotis. He said that if this food is available after giving duty for eight hours, then how will health be better.

Not only this, on Wednesday, Constable Manoj came out with the plate and raised questions on the quality of food in the police line. Said that a complaint was made to SSP Ashish Tiwari. Complaint was made to RI but no action is being taken. After the constable came out of the police line and while making allegations, the line police came and forcibly took the constable away in the jeep.

The constable started crying, said action will be taken on reality

Manoj started crying while showing the food. Said that the food here is of very poor quality, that's why I have brought a plate in your midst. I have a problem with food. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said that all the constables of Uttar Pradesh Police had increased the allowance of Rs 1875 i.e. 30 percent as a nutritious diet to the employees, especially the policemen. Threatened that now he will be sacked and released.