Russia Presidential Election / Voting in Russia today for presidential elections, Putin can become president for the 5th time

Zoom News : Mar 15, 2024, 08:38 AM
Russia President Election: Voting for the presidential election is going on in Russia today. All voting processes have been completed. But the big thing is that the President of Russia can become the President for the 5th consecutive time. Because far and wide his opponents do not seem to be in a position to compete with him. Putin's dominance is likely to continue in the elections. However, his opponent Alexei Navalny, who died some time ago, his widow has appealed to the public to vote against Putin.

Amidst the two-year-long war with Ukraine, the Russian President is once again in the electoral fray. Presidential elections have started in Russia today from March 15, which will continue for three days i.e. till March 17. In these, Putin's return to power is considered certain. Putin in a video message on Thursday appealed to Russian citizens to go to polling stations and vote.

There is no powerful opponent even remotely against Putin

Putin, 71, is running virtually unopposed for his fifth term. His political rivals are either in jail or in exile abroad. Alexei Navalny, considered a staunch opponent of Putin, recently died in a prison. Observers know that voters have little alternative to Putin. Possibilities for independent monitoring are limited. Meanwhile, in Russia, votes will be cast at 1 lakh polling stations in three days.