WTC Final / What did not happen in 143 years, will happen today in Oval, India-Australia careful

Zoom News : Jun 07, 2023, 07:44 AM
WTC Final: The Oval ground in South London has always been a witness to history. It is one of the oldest cricket stadium in the world. For the first time in England, a Test match was played here 143 years ago. The Battle of the Ashes was born in 1882 from this ground. Even after this, a lot happened and in this list the World Test Championship final starting from June 7 will also be included, which will be historic in itself, as well as it will have an impact on this final.

This final of the Test Championship will be played between India and Australia on Wednesday i.e. from today. This is only the second Test Championship. The last final was played in 2021 in Southampton, England. It was the month of June only. This time also the title match is being played in England only in the month of June.

Special match happening for the first time in 143 years

This month of June is the thread that is going to connect Oval with another history. In fact, this India-Australia final is the first such Test match in the history of Oval ground, which will be played in the month of June. From the first Test match in 1880 till 2023, no Test match was played here before July.

Earlier, the earliest Test played at the Oval was India-England in 1982, which started on 8 July. The Oval has a history that Test matches are usually held here in August. There have been only a few matches, which have taken place in the last 10-15 days of July or the first week of September.

The effect is visible on Test matches

It also affects the conditions of the oval ground. In fact, usually international cricket starts in England from the month of June, which is called 'English Cricket Summer'. Summer also starts at this time in England and the rain also starts reducing. By August, the heat increases a lot and hence the pitch of this South London ground is always better for the batsmen.

In all the Tests that have been held at the Oval so far, scores of more than 500 have been scored in an innings 28 times. The reason, the matches are played in August-September. Not only batting, but these conditions have also been favorable for the spinners, as the pitch starts drying up by this time. This is the reason why former cricketers and experts favor playing at least two spinners at the Oval.

Things will change in the final

Now for the first time a Test is being played at the Oval in June and this is the reason why it is difficult to relate this match to the traditional conditions of the Oval. It is sure to have an impact in the final as the maximum temperature in London is still between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. That is, moisture is expected in the air in the morning. Then the kind of pictures that have come of the grassy pitch, it is expected that there will be moisture in the pitch as well.

Not only this, this final is starting half an hour before the other Test matches (3.30 pm Indian time) in England (at 3 pm). That means a little more cold, a little more wind and humidity. In such a situation, its effect is clear that the fast bowlers will get help and the team bowling first is sure to get the benefit. Overall, memorable history will be written in the Oval.