Science / When will man's first child be born in space, scientists revealed?

Zoom News : Jun 01, 2021, 10:57 AM
About 250 babies are born on earth every minute. We are talking about the children of humans. Humans will not be able to live on earth after a few days. Because the population will be more than the land on the earth. The ratio of humans living on land on earth is 50 humans per square kilometer. In a few decades, people will not be able to find a place to live on earth, then where will they go. The simple answer is in space... on the moon, on the space station or on Mars. Humans will go, but the biggest question is that when will the first human child be born in space? Scientists have revealed this. Let's know who will be the child who will have a space passport, space visa and planetary citizenship.

The birth of man's first child in space is no longer a matter of days. The happiness of a child born there will be the same as the happiness that humans had after leaving Africa. As soon as the first human child is born on a space station, moon or Mars, it will be announced at the same time that man has now become a species of multi-planet civilization. The first half of the last century was spent by various governments launching satellites and taking humans to the moon. Which is called the beginning of Space Age. But now more than 100 private space companies have come around the world. The annual revenue of these companies is 300 billion US dollars, i.e. around 21.74 lakh crore rupees. This is an amount equal to the annual budget of about 10 big states of India.

Researcher Chris Impey of the University of Arizona in Tucson told that the center of all the activities happening in space remains the earth. This is where all the work happens. Instructions are sent. The sample is checked. But after about 30 years humans will start living in space. When a person lives in space, then only research or work will not be done there. Will also relax. Men and women living in space will make a relationship with each other and give birth to the first child there. That is, assume that in or around the year 2051.

Now the issue is that many countries, their governments and private companies are engaged to establish their dominance in space. So will it help in giving birth to the first human child in space? For the first time, there was a competition in the US and the Soviet Union for several decades regarding space exploration. But as soon as NASA landed humans on the moon in 1969, after that its budget was reduced by a third. The Soviet Union was also not the biggest economic super power of the world.

The Soviet Union successfully launched the first satellite in space and sent humans, but its space program gradually weakened. Now the new warrior of this battle is China. China entered the space mission very late but with a huge budget. China is building its own space station. Recently its rover and probe have landed on the moon and Mars. China is also planning to build its base on the moon. The speed with which it is achieving success, in a few days, it will become a mighty space power.

The thing to note is that if any person has achieved the most success in this field, then he is Elon Musk. His private company SpaceX is currently working closely with NASA. SpaceX's NASA has given a project to take astronauts to the Moon and Mars under the Artemis program. Elon Musk wants 100 humans to be transported from his vehicle to the moon, Mars and beyond. However, he has not yet released any timeline regarding this. The other big competitor is Jeff Bezos. His company name is Blue Origins. They also want to form a colony in the solar system. Their plans seem extremely difficult, but the thing to remember is that they are one of the richest people in both the worlds. Governments of various countries will continue to fire rockets, but private companies started entering the space market in the year 2016. When commercial space flights for the first time overtook government missions sent to space by agencies around the world.

The journey to Mars for any spacecraft is 1000 times more than the distance to the Moon. Therefore, the moon will be the first space house of humans. This is where the first human space settlement will be built. China and Russia are jointly planning to build a base station near the south pole of the moon between 2036 and 2045. NASA has planned to send humans to the moon again in the year 2024. For this purpose, SpaceX has been chosen by them. America is preparing to build a lunar colony there. In this, SpaceX will help in delivering supplies from Earth.

After the moon comes Mars. NASA and SpaceX are continuously increasing the date of plans to take humans here. But NASA's plan is good and futuristic. Although Elon Musk has said in many places and interviews about taking humans to Mars in the year 2050. It would be easier to build a human settlement on the Moon than on Mars. In this, distance and complex weather, environment will play an important role.

The first person who will go to the moon, Mars or space after being freed from the earth, for them the biggest responsibility will be to increase the population there. moon