Bigg Boss 16 / Why fans call Shehnaz Fakenaaz troll for Sazid khan See Video clip

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2022, 02:43 PM
Bigg Boss 16 Grand Premiere Episode: Season 16 of the Bigg Boss reality show started with a bang on Saturday. On this occasion, many celebs from the TV industry to the film world entered the show as contestants. Although the entry of all the contestants in the list of contestants was fun, but the most important thing was to see filmmaker Sajid Khan entering Bigg Boss as a contestant. And even more special was watching Shahnaz through Sajid Khan at the grand premiere of the show. However, she is getting trolled on the internet for the video clip shown on Shahnaz's show. After all, what did Shahnaz say in this clip....

Shehnaaz had a hard time supporting Sajid

Let us tell you that the excitement level of the audience increased after seeing Shahnaz in the grand premiere episode of this show. In the last season of Bigg Boss, Shahnaz was seen as the most entertaining contestant. This time the audience was made to meet him through a video clip. In this video clip, Shahnaz talked about giving his full support to Sajid Khan, who arrived as a contestant. Sajid also praised Shahnaz and said that Shahnaz is like his younger sister and she is such a natural, such a good girl, she will go a long way one day. Just this thing of Shahnaz was not liked by some viewers and with this trolling started for her on Twitter.

Fans again divided on Twitter for Shahnaz

Some users said that why Shahnaz is supporting Sajid Khan, a well-known face of controversy like MeToo. Users started giving him name tags like Fakenaz. Not only this, many users also accused Shahnaz of flattering Sajid Khan for signing more films. Let us tell you that before the Bigg Boss show, Sajid Khan also mentioned to Salman that when he was doing script reading with Shahnaz, they formed a very good bonding with each other and she is like his younger sister. While some users may have trolled Shahnaz for supporting Sajid, his fans were very happy to see Shahnaz once again in Bigg Boss. He even said that this grand episode was going to be very boring but as soon as Shahnaz appeared on the screen, the show became entertaining.