lifestyle / Why Milk given to honeymoon of marriage Know the truth of this ritual

Zoom News : Feb 12, 2022, 07:25 PM
New Delhi: Have you ever wondered why the newly wedded husband and wife are given milk on the first night i.e. on the day of honeymoon? Most of the couples perform this ritual after marriage. Many types of logic are told behind this, some people say that it increases sex power, while many people believe that milk is given at night to get good sleep. So let us know what is the real reason behind this. You must have seen the ceremony of giving a glass of saffron milk to the groom in many films, TV serials. Or you may have experienced this in personal life as well, but what is the reason behind performing this ritual?

special milk

First of all let us tell you how this milk is made. This is not ordinary milk, but saffron, sugar, turmeric, black pepper powder, almonds, fennel and other things are boiled in it and then it is given to the groom when it is lukewarm.

reason behind feeding

According to media reports, when milk is boiled, some elements come out of it which increase romance. It is believed that drinking milk reduces nervousness and increases enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Reasons for adding saffron to milk

It is believed that the aroma of saffron and almonds added to the milk activates the hormones and the groom's mood is good. Apart from this, black pepper, fennel and turmeric are mixed in milk. For this reason, it becomes an anti-bacterial and immunity-boosting mixture.