UP News / Young man poured acid on widow girl, UP police took video statement of half-naked woman suffering

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 04, 2022, 08:10 PM
Kanpur. A major incident took place in Kanpur but even more shocking thing was done by the Uttar Pradesh Police itself. For the insistence of marrying a widow woman in the district, a young man was harassing the girl for several days. When she did not agree, she tried to forcefully enter her house but the family members saved her. Even after this, he was adamant on the insistence of marrying her. When nothing happened, the accused poured acid on the girl going on duty and burnt her. What happened after that was embarrassing. The police took the statement of the tormenting half-naked woman and made a video of her. Soon after this video went viral on social media.

Strange question from police victim

Do you know the name of the accused, what is his village.

Do you even know the name of the father or not.

- Knew him already.

-How did you know him?

How many years have you passed since your husband?

- Did you talk to him every day?

Your parents knew that you used to talk to him.

Tell me rightly, did you put acid only on refusing to marry?

Your father knew that, didn't you?

Tell me how did your father know.

It's been a year since husband's death

The woman told that it has been a year since her husband's death and for the last five months a young man named Ajay was harassing her. He was adamant on marrying her. He used to stop her on the way and forcibly used to enter her house also. The woman's family also explained to her many times but she did not agree. The victim told that when she was going on duty on Wednesday, suddenly Ajay stopped her on the way and poured acid on her. At the same time, the police say that they have started searching for the accused by registering an FIR in the case.

how did the video go viral

Now the big question which is in front of everyone is that how the video of the victim which was shot only by the police became viral on social media. The victim was in a semi-conscious state during this period and was groaning in pain. Suddenly, this video surfaced quickly went viral. At present, no statement has come from the police side when the video went viral.