Mysterious Sight Seen / A moving train was seen in the sky people were stunned to see the mysterious sight from Delhi to UP

Zoom News : Sep 14, 2022, 10:06 AM
Mysterious Sight Seen: From Delhi to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, a mysterious sight has been seen in the sky. People were stunned to see this sight. In many places of these states, a running train was seen in the sky. In the darkness of the night, a strange light appeared in the queue, as if a train was running in the sky. The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

A mysterious object that passed through the sky last night has aroused great curiosity. A line of lights was seen running on the sky. When that mysterious thing was seen moving in the sky in many areas of UP, people shared its videos on social media, which became viral. After all, what did people see in the sky?

a long line of lights in the sky

  • As if a shining straight line has been drawn on the chest of the sky.
  • As if a procession of stars is going in the sky.
  • As if a train bathed in light is passing towards its destination.
  • It was as if someone had punished a string of stars in the sky.
People were stunned to see this amazing sight in the sky last night. From Delhi to Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow and Lakhimpur Kheri, people saw this sight in many cities. Raj Laxmi Yadav, daughter of former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav, herself captured this scene in her camera and while posting the video on Twitter, wrote – Last night in the sky This strange thing appeared.

this is the whole matter

At the same time, after this video became increasingly viral, a report was told that, this is not a strange light but the Starlink satellite of the world's richest man and Tesla owner Elon Musk. Actually, Starlink is the company of Elon Musk who will provide internet facility through satellite across the world. For this, he has sent many satellites into space.