Bollywood / Adipurush director om raut receives legal notice for islamisation of ramayan and hanuman

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2022, 10:31 PM
Bollywood | The ruckus about the Om Raut-directed film Adipurush is not taking its name to stop. Now on Thursday, the Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha has sent a notice to Om. He has been told that all the objectionable scenes from the film should be removed within seven days or else legal action will be taken. This notice has been sent by Advocate Kamlesh Sharma on behalf of Suresh Mishra, National President of Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha. It has been said in the notice that the director has Islamized Ramayana in the film, due to which the sentiments of the people have been hurt.

god in leather clothes

Recently, the teaser of the film Adipurush came out, which many people disliked. Prabhas Ram and Saif Ali Khan are playing the role of Ravana in the film. Kriti Sanon is in the role of Sita. There is a lot of trolling going on on social media regarding the film. Some are disliking the VFX of the film, while many people do not like Saif's look in the role of Ravana. According to the report of IANS, Om Raut has received a legal notice from the Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha. It reads, 'Hindu deities have been shown wrongly in the film. The Hindu deity is dressed in leather and speaking badly. In the film, low-class language has been used, due to which religious sentiments are being hurt.

Hanuman was made Mughal

It is written that Ramayana is our history and our soul. Lord Hanuman is shown in the form of Mughal in Adi Purush. Which Hindu has a beard without a mustache like Hanumanji has? This movie is a complete Islamization of Lord Ram, Maa Sita, Lord Hanuman and Ramayana. Saif Ali Khan, who plays Ravana in the film, also looks like Taimur or Khilji. This film will spread hatred among certain sections by inciting sentiments. You are requested not to play with the sentiments of the people. Apologize to the public within seven days for what you did, delete all the dialogues and illustrations or else legal action will be taken.