Sakshi Murder Case / After all, the bloody knife was found, Sahil told the location on the third day of remand

Zoom News : Jun 02, 2023, 08:05 AM
Sakshi Murder Case: Every day new revelations are happening in Delhi's witness murder case. The police finally found the knife with which Sahil killed Sakshi. According to police officials, the recovered weapon can prove to be a strong evidence against Sahil. At the same time, the accused Sahil is also in the custody of the police. According to police officials, Sahil has accepted his crime.

According to the police, the accused Sahil had thrown the knife in the dark after the incident. After this he fled to Bulandshahr to a relative of his. However, taking immediate action, the police arrested Sahil. Sahil brutally murdered 16 year old Sakshi. The police have also mentioned in their FIR that many injury marks were found on the witness's body. There were injuries on his head, there were serious wounds on his stomach. The intestines had come out of the stomach.

Sahil stabbed more than 20 knives

Sahil inflicted multiple stabs (more than 20) on Sakshi with a knife. She kept on screaming, but Hawan Sahil kept on attacking. Amidst all this, people passing by did not come to help. The CCTV footage of this incident has also gone viral on social media, after which people are demanding the harshest punishment for Sahil. However, the police have said that the accused will not be spared, he will be punished according to the law.

Meanwhile, Sakshi's father has told the police that his daughter already knew Sahil. Sakshi had also told the family about Sahil. However, many times he was told to keep distance from Sahil. But, she used to get enraged by this and went to her friend's house in anger. I came to know about Sakshi's death only through her friend.