Sakshi Murder Case / Third entry in Sakshi murder case - Why was Sahil scared of Jhabru?

Zoom News : May 30, 2023, 12:47 PM
Sakshi Murder Case: Now a new character has been entered in the Sakshi murder case. After Sahil, Praveen, now the name of Ajay alias Jhabru has come to the fore. Sahil told during interrogation that Sakshi had an affair with a domineering boy named Ajay alias Jhabru. Jhabru told him to stay away from Sakshi. Sahil told that when he started feeling that Jhabru would kill him, so why not kill Sakshi. Because of Jhabru, Sakshi had gone away from me.

However, according to Delhi Police sources, accused Sahil is telling many new things during interrogation and is also changing his statement. Police told that Sakshi had recently befriended a boy named Ajay alias Jhabru. Jhabru is a domineering boy of the area. A day before the incident, Sakshi's friend Bhavna, Sakshi herself and Jhabru had met and all three had an argument with Sahil. In this argument, Jhabru threatened Sahil to stay away from Sakshi.

Sahil's statements true or false, police engaged in investigation

Police told that there was a lot of anger inside Sahil about this matter. So he thought why not remove the witness from the way. However, police officials say that his statements are being verified whether the accused is telling the truth or lying. On police remand of two days, the police will try to connect all the links in this case.

Sahil sent on 2 days police remand

Please tell that today Sahil was presented in Rohini court amidst tight security, from where he was sent on police remand for two days. Sources reveal that the police team will also take Sahil to the place where he threw the knife used in the murder. Actually, Sahil was the first to go to Rithala after killing Sakshi. According to the police, Sahil had thrown the knife in the open field of Rithala.

On Monday night, a police team also went to Baradam to recover the knife, but could not find the knife. It is possible that after getting the remand, the police team will take Sahil to the place where he threw the knife. At the same time, the police told us that during interrogation, Sahil told us about another ex-boyfriend of Sakshi, whose name is Praveen.

Sahil used to get angry if she was busy on the phone with her ex-boyfriend for hours.

Sahil told that when the fight between him and Sakshi increased a lot, then Sakshi again started talking to Praveen. She used to stay busy with Praveen for hours and hours, because of which she used to get angry. He used to tell Sakshi not to talk to Praveen, but Sakshi used to ignore his words. Police told that Praveen is still in Jaunpur. The tattoo of Praveen's name was also made by Sakshi on her hand.