Sakshi Murder Case / Witnesses kept dying mercilessly, spectators kept watching, such people could be jailed for up to 6 months!

Zoom News : May 31, 2023, 12:37 PM
Sakshi Murder Case: On May 29, 2023 (last Monday) in the Shahbad Dairy area of the country's capital, Delhi, eyewitnesses (silent witnesses present on the spot) who were present at the scene of the Sakshi murder case and silently watched the murder of an innocent girl. In this era, there is a lot of spitting. Some are calling him impotent. So no coward. Some people are talking about those who were silently watching the Sakshi murder case standing on the spot and sending them to jail by making them murderers by filing a case directly.

Come, in the midst of all this, what does the Indian law say about such useless mute spectators? What is that section of IPC - which can send such careless people to jail? TV9 talked about this on Wednesday with former 1998 batch IPS officer and retired IG Intelligence of Uttar Pradesh Police RK Chaturvedi.

Ashamed to even call onlookers as witnesses: RK Chaturvedi

RK Chaturvedi said, “I am ashamed even to call the silent impotent onlookers present at the time of Sakshi murder as witnesses. Those who kept watching an innocent unarmed girl being murdered by a savage beast in front of their eyes. If we talk about taking legal action against such careless eyewitnesses in Indian law, then yes, there is such a section. Section-176 and 1979 of IPC are made to put such impotent mute witnesses in jail only. When these cowardly people kept watching the murder of a helpless girl on the spot just because the attackers should not attack them.

So the difficulty is that now during the witness murder case, they will become police witnesses against Sahil, what is the guarantee? And even if the police make such cowards witnesses in their investigation, then what is the guarantee that such cowards will remain in the court till the end of the trial, till Sahil, the murderer of the witness, is convicted. By the way, I think that those who could not protest or try to save someone despite being murdered. Even if the police now invite them to become witnesses by including them in the investigation of the case, hardly any of these cowardly bystanders would want to join the investigation.

These currents can increase difficulties

Continuing his talk, former UP IPS officer RK Chaturvedi further said, “This is the only point or chance that the police team probing the Sakshi murder case will have, as soon as the eyewitnesses of the murder refuse to If they do, the police should give it in writing against them in the investigation to be filed in the court. This action can be taken by the police only under section 176 and 179 of the IPC. The police will write in the court that such and such people are present on the spot and are eyewitnesses to the incident. But now, before the trial of the case in the court, he refused to become an eyewitness in the police investigation. So the court can take strict legal action against them."

TV9 spoke to LN Rao about this on Wednesday. LN Rao is the retired DCP of Delhi Police Special Cell. He has also been practicing as Senior Criminal Lawyer in Delhi High Court for a long time. According to LN Rao, “The eyewitnesses of the Sakshi murder case who were present on the spot remained silent out of fear. Now the police will be able to easily involve them as eyewitnesses in their investigation. I doubt this. Because the impotent type of people can watch the murder of a helpless girl at the age of 16 as mute spectators in the greed of keeping their lives safe. Where will they have the guts to testify against the murderer in the witness murder case in the court? In such a situation, sections 176 and 179 of the IPC are considered very useful.

What is the provision of punishment

Since both these legal sections are sections of non-cognizable offences. That's why the police does not have the right to file a case or arrest anyone under these sections. Therefore, against those cowardly eyewitnesses of the witness murder case, the Delhi Police team, while filing the challan in the court, can tell the court that such-and-such people are eyewitnesses of the witness murder case, but now they are involved in the police investigation and the trial of the case in the court. Not willing to testify during

In such a situation, if the court wants and the court finds the police's argument convincing, then the court, under sections 176 and 179 of the IPC, against the witnesses who were present on the spot, but refused to testify in the police investigation and court. By registering a case with the police. The court, under its special legal rights, can sentence them to jail for up to 6 months.