World / America export ban on artificial intelligence chips

Zoom News : Sep 01, 2022, 04:22 PM
America-China: The US has banned the export of some advanced types of chips to China. This can give a big blow to many Chinese giants, which work in the public cloud and artificial intelligence sectors. Chip designing company Nvidia Corporation said on Wednesday that US officials have been asked to stop the export of two top computing chips to China. These chips are used in devices related to the work of artificial intelligence. Apart from this, Advanced Micro Devices Company also stated that it has got a license to apply for a license separately under the rules.

There will be a setback in many technologies including artificial intelligence

By doing so, it will not be able to export artificial intelligence chip MI250 to China. China has also expressed strong objection to the decision of the US administration. Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Xu Xueting said that the US decision was a violation of the rights of Chinese companies. This will affect the global supply chain. It is clear that with this decision of America, the conflict in the world of chip technology will intensify. Jay Goldberg, a US-based finance and strategy consulting firm, said, “We want to prevent some US companies from supplying chips to Chinese firms. The same decision was taken by the US regarding Huawei.

Many companies including Alibaba will be affected

An analyst said that this crisis could deepen further. In fact, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Samsung can also be banned from making chips for China from the US. Analysts say that this decision of the US can irritate China badly and relations between the two countries can go to a lower level. People with knowledge of the market say that the US ban may shock Chinese giants Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Huawei. At present, there has been no comment from the Chinese giants on the decision of the US government.

Significantly, for the past few years, tensions have been seen between the US and China in the field of technology, business and political. Last month, US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and there was deep tension between the two countries. Even China had largely deployed a large number of troops near Taiwan's maritime border.