Annakoot Festival / Annakoot Festival celebrated with great pomp in Jaipur, know why Annakoot Festival is celebrated.

Zoom News : Nov 08, 2022, 09:35 AM
Annakoot Festival: Deepawali affection meeting and Annakoot festival were organized under the aegis of Shri Ram Nagar Seva Samiti at Shri Ram Park Jhotwara in Jaipur in which 1000 devotees took the offerings of Annakoot. Sunderkand was organized and tableau was decorated, aarti was done and Prasad was distributed. There was a program of distribution of Prasadi from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Committee President Hemant Chauhan Semra told that the councilor of Ward 39 Greater Ajay Singh Chauhan appeared and registered his participation in the program, attractive decorations were done in the park on the occasion of Annakoot. Along with this, President Hemant Chauhan ji told that for the first time Annakoot ka and Deepawali Sneh Milan celebrations have been organized in which a large number of people participated enthusiastically and played their important role in making the program a success.

President Hemant Chauhan Semra, Vice President Krishna Pal Jadaun, Secretary Mali Ramji Sharma, Treasurer Lokesh Soni, Committee member Kamal Kant Ji Naruka, Gorelal Singh Chauhan, Mahendra Singh Ji Chaudhary, Ajay Pal Singh Yadav, Gajendra Rathod, Om Prakash Vyas, Anil Khandelwal , Shyam Singh ji Kushwaha, Virendra Kumar, Captain Surajmal, Ashok Saini, Ravi, Babulal ji, Sonu Kumawat, Amit, Ajit, Naresh Pal Singh, Sandeep Singh Nirvana, Satish ji Pareek, Dinesh Gupta, Laxmikant, Pandit ji, Mukesh Chaudhary, Pahlad Choudhary, Durgendra Kalawat etc. contributed in this event.

Why is Annakoot Festival celebrated?

Once Indra got angry and caused torrential rain in Brajmandal. To save the people of Braj from this rain, Shri Krishna had done the honor of Indra by lifting the Govardhan mountain on his little finger for 7 days. Under that mountain for 7 days the gop-gopikas along with all the villagers lived happily in its shadow. Then Brahmaji told Indra that Vishnu had taken birth in the form of Shri Krishna on the earth, it is not proper to have enmity with him. Knowing this, Indra Dev apologized to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna placed the Govardhan mountain down on the 7th day and ordered to celebrate Annakoot festival by performing Govardhan Puja every year. Since then this festival started being celebrated as 'Annakoot'.