Entertainment / Anupamaa fame rupali ganguly spotted outside a salon but she refused to paparazzi not click photos

Zoom News : Jan 17, 2022, 09:11 AM
Entertainment | When Rupali Ganguly returned to TV after a long time with the serial 'Anupama', she created a ruckus. With 'Anupama' she became known from house to house and the audience has started calling her by the name of the character of the serial. His show is in the top list of TRP. The craze of fans about Rupali Ganguly is such that every post of her becomes viral. Recently, Rupali was spotted outside a salon. Rupali, who always poses for the photographers, refused to take the photo this time.

For this reason refuse to take photos

A video of Rupali has surfaced in which she is standing outside the salon when the paparazzi present there start taking her photos and videos but Rupali forbids them to do so. The reason for this was that he had put oil on his head. As soon as she sees the paparazzi, she first hides her face and then says, 'I have applied oil'. The photographers tell her that it will take just a second to take the photo, she is looking good.

Rupali Ganguly does not agree and says, 'Just give me 20 minutes, I will come again. I have oiled my hair.' She then goes to the salon. The video has been shared by celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on his Instagram.

What is the reaction of users

Seeing Rupali's reaction, users are saying, 'This problem is with everyone.' One user writes, 'Monisha will always be Monisha.' A fan says, 'She is so realistic.' One user wrote, 'Paparazzi is difficult to live. They are doing them.