Interesting / Apartment for Rent in Berlin; 1750 people arrived in 12 hours, showed to 30 people at once

Zoom News : Dec 11, 2019, 12:14 PM
Berlin: People are upset with the rising rent of houses in the capital Berlin. In such a situation, when an online advertisement of an apartment for rent of five hundred and fifty euros per month (about 43 thousand rupees) was given in the past, 1750 people came to see it in 12 hours. In the 54-square-meter area on the third floor of the 1950 building in the Schönberg area, this apartment was advertised for rent for two rooms and a balcony (including electricity, water).

Normally, the rent of such an apartment starts in this area from eight hundred and fifty hundred euros (half rupees 66 thousand) and goes up to 1400 euros (one lakh 9 thousand rupees). In such a situation, so many people came to see the apartment being rented for 550 euros.

A group of 30 people went to see the house in one go

An official of the real estate company said that the people who came to see this apartment in Menninger Street, Schönberg area, looked like they had organized an event. Everyone was asked to stand in line. Announcement with a megaphone sent to watch the house. A group of 30 people went to see the house at one time.

As soon as we got a response, we shown the house:

Many of the managers told the number of people who came to see the apartments a headache, and some even scolded the property manager, Rauf Harms. "It was the right decision to show 1750 people home in one day, because we got selected as soon as we got responses. However, there were many who kept other options, so we called them," said Roff. Was not only. After deciding from the applications that have come to us, soon we will announce who will finally get home.