Apple Foldable Device / Apple will beat Google and Samsung, the work going on on the big foldable gadget than the iPhone!

Zoom News : Feb 25, 2024, 09:40 PM
Apple foldable iPhone: People's thinking about foldable phones is changing. In recent years, the trend of customers has increased towards them. Companies like Samsung, Google and Xiaomi hold a good grip in the foldable phone segment. Now Apple is also gearing up to join this list. The iPhone maker is working on a new foldable device. Its size can be larger than the iPhone. This device can be seen as a notebook or tablet.

The company is working on a big device. According to media reports, Apple's new foldable gadget can be a laptop or tablet. That is, Apple's first foldable device will not be an iPhone but another gadget. The company has given the responsibility to the Vision Pro team to make parts of the foldable device. However, Apple has not officially confirmed this.

Preparations to beat these companies

If Apple launches foldable device in the coming time, then new troubles will arise for companies like Samsung, Oppo, Google, Xiaomi. So far these companies keep a strong hold in the foldable device segment. After the arrival of Apple, these companies may have to face tremendous competition.

Apple's foldable device plan

In the beginning of this month, a legendary tipster 'Fixed Focus Digital' claimed that Apple had stopped working on the foldable device. It was said in the claim that good results were not found in the screen test of the foldable device, so work on it stopped. According to reports, the company bought foldable devices of its competition companies for research and development.

More than one foldable device

The latest report dismisses this claim, and says that Apple has not stopped working on the foldable device. Not only this, the company is working on more than one foldable device. The company has engaged a separate department for every product. Apple has not yet made an official announcement for the foldable device. Will have to wait for this.