Assam / Assam police women hold babies while their mothers take exam, wins Hearts on Twitter

Hindustan Times : Nov 13, 2019, 01:05 PM
A picture of two police women in Assam is winning a ton of love on Twitter. The heartwarming picture shows the two cops holding babies while their mothers wrote their exam for the Teaching Eligibility Test (TET).

The picture has been tweeted by the official Twitter handle of Assam police. The incident took place in the Darrang district of Assam.

This beautiful display of kindness a has struck a chord with many on social media. Since being shared on November 10, the post has collected almost 700 likes. Many have posted comments praising the cops for going above the call of duty and helping out in this way.

Such examples of humanity resurfaces on the social media consistently. Recently, a policeman in Ayodhya, helping a man pull his cart had also gone viral.

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