Akshara Singh MMS / Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh's MMS leaked, now shared a crying video, know the whole truth

Zoom News : Sep 17, 2022, 09:22 AM
Akshara Singh MMS: After the private video of Anjali Arora from the reality show 'Lock Up' went viral, there has been news on social media that the alleged private video of Bhojpuri film actress Akshara Singh (MMS) also leaked. It is done. It is being said about this video that the boy and the girl are in an objectionable position. Hearing the rumour, Akshara's fans are not ready to believe that the girl seen in the video could be Akshara. Many people say that the video must have been tampered with.

Amidst the news of MMS, a video of the actress crying has surfaced on YouTube. Sharing this video, it is being said that Akshara is crying upset after the MMS leak.

However, between all these videos, the truth is something else. Actually, for a few days, fake news is being run against the actress. In reality, none of Akshara Singh's MMS video has been leaked and Akshara's crying video is two years old. But on YouTube, Moz Music Bhojpuri channel shared the video of the actress on 13 September 2022 and wrote, "MMS video of Akshara Singh went viral."

In the video that is going viral, Akshara Singh says, “Tighten you. Those who love me will always like me. Of course I can go anywhere and work anywhere. You can't stop me You are a big name so do your job. Why are you roaming around with a fake mask on your face? Be real, don't be fake. Why all this happens only in Bhojpuri industry. There are other industries too."

She adds, “There are many types of cinema from Punjabi, South to Bollywood. But why is this filth only in Bhojpuri industry? Why is there so much cheapness here? Everyone is after each other. Block it, block it. His song should not come forward. No other actor can go far ahead. What is all this after all?"

Let us inform that Akshara Singh had released this video two years ago, targeting those who defame her.