PM Narendra Modi / The secrets of Lal Diary should be revealed, Gehlot ji should rest, we will do development - PM Modi said from Jodhpur.

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2023, 01:29 PM
PM Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced in Jodhpur, Rajasthan that now under the Ujjwala scheme, gas cylinder will be available for only Rs 600. With this, all the sisters will celebrate festivals with more enthusiasm. This will benefit women across the country as well as 70 lakh families of Rajasthan. Modi said that if BJP comes, it will bring prosperity in Rajasthan. I tell Gehlotji that you take rest, we will take care of everything. Gehlotji did not come to the inauguration of projects worth thousands of crores in Jodhpur because he is confident that everything will be fine if Modi comes.

Big points of Modi's speech...

1. Will build a wonderful railway station from the airport.

It is fashionable to make airports look luxurious because big people go there. The poor go to railway stations, so I will make railway stations better than airports. This also includes Jodhpur Railway Station.

2. The dark secrets of Lal Diary should be revealed

The government did not take even a single step in Rajasthan for 5 years. The chair game continued for 24 hours. People say that Lal Diary contains every black act of corruption of Congress. The dark secrets of Lal Diary should be revealed. Congress will not allow this secret to be revealed, that is why BJP government should be formed.

3. Paperleaks will wipe out the mafias

The paper leak mafia of Congress has ruined the future of lakhs of youth here. The youth of Rajasthan is demanding justice. Congress, which promised unemployment allowance at the time of elections, handed over the youth to the mafia. The BJP government will take strict action against every such mafia and will eliminate them.

4. Congress MLA herself is feeling insecure

The Congress MLA here herself feels insecure. Crimes against daughters took place in Jodhpur, Sanchore, Jalore. If BJP comes, it will bring women security. Congress people use derogatory words for the daughters of the country every day.

5. Corruption is encouraged even in water schemes

Congress is not concerned with the problems of daughters. There is a water problem in Rajasthan, we want to provide tap connection to every house, but the government here is hindering the work. Here corruption is being promoted even in water schemes.

6. We gave Narmada water to Rajasthan in one hour

Many states of India are fighting a tough battle for water, but look at the character of BJP that when I was the CM of Gujarat, Rajasthan needed Narmada water. We didn't spend an hour, we are not doing this a favor, we are proud.

7. Mention of Vaccine War Movie

Nowadays a film has come out, whose name is Vaccine War. The hard work of scientists has been depicted well in that film. I congratulate the film makers that you have shown the power of science.

8. I have lived poverty

I know more about what poverty is and its problems. I have lived poverty. After 2014, we made such a policy which is eliminating poverty.

State President said- Gehlot invited PFI to the program

Addressing the gathering, BJP State President CP Joshi made a big allegation and said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday has also called the terrorist organization Popular Front of India (PFI) to give suggestions for the development of Rajasthan. PFI's name is at number 41 or 42 in the list of invited institutions.

Jodhpur Airport is going to get a new look soon. A new terminal will be built here by spending Rs 307 crore, the foundation stone of which can be laid by PM Modi. We are showing you the first glimpse of what the new terminal building will look like.