Rajasthan Election 2023 / Insurance of Rs 15 lakh, cylinder for Rs 500… Gehlot announced guarantees for Rajasthan

Zoom News : Oct 27, 2023, 02:18 PM
Rajasthan Election 2023 : Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a political attack on BJP and said that agencies are being misused. Today ED is roaming from door to door in the country more than dogs. Enumerating the achievements of the Congress government, he said that 8 crore 5 lakh guarantee cards have been given to the people under the inflation relief scheme. This includes cards of other schemes including cylinder for Rs 500, 100 units of free electricity under Ujjwala scheme.

During the announcement of new guarantees, the Chief Minister said that a professor from Queen's College, London has come to do research on the schemes of Rajasthan. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that people are not able to understand how they are getting health insurance worth Rs 25 lakh.

The Chief Minister today announced 5 more guarantees. After this their number will become seven. Among the new guarantees, if Congress comes to power, it will guarantee the purchase of cow dung from cattle herders at Rs 2 per kg and will give free laptops to college students. At the same time, guarantee of English medium education and insurance of up to Rs 15 lakh on loss due to natural disaster will also be guaranteed. The scheme to buy cow dung from farmers at Rs 2 per kg has been named Godhan Guarantee.

first guarantee

Will implement cow slaughter guarantee on the lines of Chhattisgarh. Cow dung will be purchased for Rs 2 per kg.

second guarantee

It has been announced to guarantee every student to study in English medium. Now there will be no need for lottery for admission in government English medium schools. Everyone will be given admission. We will also start English medium colleges on the lines of English medium schools.

third guarantee

In every college, students will be given a laptop or tablet along with admission.

fourth guarantee

Has promised to provide disaster relief insurance guarantee. Under this, it has been promised to guarantee insurance of up to Rs 15 lakh to the family suffering from loss due to natural disaster.

fifth guarantee

Congress has promised to bring the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) Guarantee Act if it comes to power. Providing OPS to the employees in the state has been started from this budget. Now he has promised to bring OPS Guarantee Law.

This much satisfaction among government employees for the first time

Gehlot said that for the first time such satisfaction is being seen among government employees. However, some of his minor problems are still to be resolved. We have provided more than 1.5 lakh jobs and 3 lakh jobs are in the process. Rules and regulations have started being made for contract employees.

ED is dancing in the country- Gehlot

Taking aim at the Center and BJP, CM Ashok Gehlot said that an elected Chief Minister has to say that ED is roaming like dogs in the state, then what else will the Chief Minister do and say. In Chhattisgarh, ED officers have taken houses on rent for the last 6 months, what will the Chief Minister do if they run dairy there. He said that ED and CBI are dancing at the behest of the Centre. I asked for time from the heads of investigating agencies but once they gave time, they later retracted it.

Modi's countdown has started in the country

Gehlot said, Modi ji, you are not able to understand, the countdown has started in your country. Modi is so scared of Rajasthan and our guarantees that he has now started saying that we give guarantees. Prime Minister Modi is following our guarantee model.