Business / Bill Gates again the world's richest after 2 years, net worth 7.89 lakh crore; Bezos in second place

Zoom News : Nov 16, 2019, 11:50 AM
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (64) has again become the world's richest after two years. Jeff Bezos (55), who overtook Gates in October 2017, slipped to second on Friday. Gates's net worth is now $ 110 billion (Rs 7.89 lakh crore) and Bezos' $ 109 billion (Rs 7.82 lakh crore).

Microsoft received $ 10 billion contract last month

Gates benefited from the recent boom in Microsoft's stock. On 25 October, the US Department of Defense announced a $ 10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft. Since then, Microsoft's stock has gained 4%. Amazon's stock fell 2% during this period. Microsoft's stock climbed 48% this year.

Bezos would still be on top if he did not divorce

Jeff Bezos announced his divorce from ex-wife Mackenzie in January, with Jeff Bezos giving 25% of his shares to McKenzie under a settlement settled in April. Mackenzie's shares are currently valued at $ 35 billion. Had Bezos held these shares, his net worth would have been $ 144 billion and he would have remained the richest in the world.

Gates donated $ 35 billion

So far, they have given shares of such value to the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation for the work of Microsoft's co-founder Charity. He has been donating for philanthropy since 1994. If the donation amount is added, then their net worth is 145 billion dollars.