Rajasthan Politics / BJP lost 5 seats because of 'Kaka', Rahul Kaswan taunts Rajendra Rathore

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 22, 2024, 10:02 PM
Rajasthan Politics: Political attacks and counter-attacks are continuing on the reduction in BJP seats in Rajasthan in the Lok Sabha elections. Senior BJP leaders like Sumedhanand Saraswati and Devisingh Bhati have held Rajendra Rathore responsible for the defeat on 4 to 5 seats. Churu Lok Sabha seat is at the center of all this. Rahul Kaswan, who won the election by joining Congress at the last moment, has also blamed Kaka (Rajendra Rathore) for BJP's defeat. In fact, Kaswan kept alleging during the election that his ticket was cut by BJP because of Rajendra Rathore. During this time, the old political rivalry between the two leaders was also seen. Now Kaswan has once again made a political attack on Rathore.

The public makes you win the election - Kaswan

The Churu MP said that this election was not about becoming an MP. This was an election to choose one ideology over two ideologies. His ticket being cut from BJP was never an issue. The ticket was cut, this was the issue.

Kaswan was addressing the workers in a thanksgiving meeting in Sardarshahar (Churu) on Friday evening. He said that if 'Kaka' (Rajendra Rathore) says that I will fight the election, I will make you win, then this cannot happen. The public will fight the election and the public will make you win.

I did not bow down in front of Kaka - MP

Kaswan said that if the public did not give blessings, I would have accepted it, but Kaka (former leader of opposition Rajendra Rathore) will decide, I will not accept it. I know, many people got calls (mobile calls). Some did, but I did not bow down. If I had refused and sat at home, Kaka would have said that I made a 35-year-old sit at home. Those people would have brought them to their knees.

Touts would have been born in their homes, who would have made you feel like slaves. Due to this, BJP lost many seats in Rajasthan. Can one person suppress the voice of the heart of Churu district? The people of Churu Lok Sabha constituency have told that this cannot happen.

5 seats lost because of Kaka (Rathore)- Kaswan

Kaswan said that a big leader has said one thing about me that- you are cutting the branch on which you are sitting. He had said, even my stick will win. Look, this man has won, the voice of the people has won. What fear are they living in and what kind of things do they say.

Even today Kaka is not accepting the reason for the defeat. Two leaders Devi Singh Bhati and Sumedhanand have accepted that Kaka is the reason for the defeat, 5 seats were lost. They are holding me responsible for this. I am cutting the branch, they are cutting the tree from the root and they do not even know.

BJP candidate lost due to my mistake- Rajendra Rathore

Rajendra Rathore, surrounded by attacks from all sides by BJP leaders, had said on Friday that I am responsible for BJP's defeat on Churu Lok Sabha seat. Due to my mistake, BJP candidate Devendra Jhajharia had to face defeat. The people to whom the party gave everything, they separated themselves from the party just because their tickets were cut.