World / Boyfriend was cheating girl for three women, now Girlfriend plans to take revenge in unique way

Zoom News : Jun 23, 2021, 12:36 PM
Special: Often you must have heard people crossing all limits in love, but many times they are determined to take revenge even after getting cheated from their partner. A unique anecdote is going viral on social media, in which the girl has made a unique plan of revenge after being cheated by her boyfriend. The video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Revenge necklace made for boyfriend

20-year-old US-based jewelry maker Liv Portillo has shared a video on Tiktok and told that a woman had ordered her to make a Revenge Necklace, who gave it to her partner as a gift. is planning.

affair with three women

Liv Portillo claimed in the video that the woman's boyfriend is having an affair with three women. After this he adopted a unique method to take revenge. On the Revenge Necklace, the woman has written the names of the three girlfriends of her boyfriend and the date of the anniversary of their relationship.

Payment made with boyfriend's credit card

An unidentified woman has claimed on the video of Liv Portillo that she used her boyfriend's credit card to pay for the necklace. According to the report, Liv Portillo has claimed that the woman is going to give this Revenge Necklace in front of her boyfriend's friends and family, so that everyone can know her truth.