Maharashtra Truck Accident / Container enters hotel in Maharashtra, crushes 38, 10 dead

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 04, 2023, 08:08 PM
Maharashtra Truck Accident: A major accident took place in Dhule, Maharashtra on Tuesday morning. A container rammed into a hotel on the Mumbai-Agra highway due to brake failure. In the accident, 38 people were hit by the container. Of these, 10 died on the spot, while 28 people were injured. The accident took place at Palasner village in Shirpur taluka around 12 noon. The death toll may increase further. A CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced, in which it can be seen that the speeding container rams a car in front of it and enters a roadside hotel.

Car jumped 5 feet in the air

The video during the incident is scary. It can be seen in the video that before the accident, the second container is moving at a slow speed in the left direction on the Mumbai-Agra highway.

Another truck is parked on the side of the road. A car was about to cross both of them when the uncontrollable container hit the car from behind. Then enters the hotel.

At first, the car gets blown to pieces and while dragging 200 meters on the road, collides with a divider in front and jumps in the air for about 5 feet.

After this the truck goes to a roadside hotel and overturns crushing people. The hotel was crowded during the incident. Because of this, there has been a lot of loss of life and property.

After the accident, there was a queue of dead and injured on the side of the road. The body part of many people was lying isolated. The injured were seen suffering on the road for hours.

According to the local people, the speed of the container would have been around 60-80 kmph during the incident. Ballast was loaded on the container.

People informed the police about the incident, after which the injured were sent to the hospital and the container was removed using a crane. The hotel was completely destroyed in the accident.

3 days ago, 25 people died of burns in a bus accident in Buldhana.

This is the second major road accident in Maharashtra in the last three days. Earlier on July 1, a bus going from Nagpur to Pune collided with a pole and overturned after climbing the divider. Due to which it caught fire. There were 33 people in the bus, out of which 25 died on the spot due to burns. These include 3 children.

The accident took place at around 1.30 am on the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway near Pimpalkhuta village near Sindkhedaraja in Buldhana district. Buldhana SP Sunil Kadasen said, the driver of the bus has survived the accident. He told that the accident happened after the tire burst and the bus caught fire. Later the diesel tank of the bus caught fire, due to which the fire spread.