Covid-19 / Coronavirus new symptoms stomach ache body pain and headache could also indicate infection

Zoom News : Apr 08, 2021, 11:56 AM
New Delhi: The second wave of Coronavirus has broken all the records of last year in India. More than 1 lakh cases are being reported every day and hundreds of people are also dying. In such a situation, the only remedy you have to protect yourself from infection is to take precautions. But apart from this, there is one more thing that all people should do - keep watch over your symptoms. Due to mutations, the form of the corona virus is changing every few days, due to which its symptoms are also seen to change.

Changes in corona infection symptoms

According to the news published in our partner website DNA, doctors are also talking about the change in the symptoms of infection during the second wave of Corona virus. For the past few days, corona infection is being confirmed in large number of people who have neither fever nor cold. These people went to the doctor complaining of body pain, headache or stomach pain and when they had RTPCR test, it was found that they were infected with corona virus.

Do not ignore symptoms like abdominal pain, body pain

According to the doctors, about 40 percent of patients who report stomach pain, vomiting diarrhea, body pain, corona report are coming positive. Most people still feel that cold-cough, cold and fever are the symptoms of corona. So if they have stomach ache, headache or body ache problem, instead of going to the doctor, they continue to treat at home with home remedies. But when the disease is not cured for a long time, then they go to the doctor and by then the virus causes great harm to the body.