Health / Do not take 'low blood pressure' lightly during or after Covid, it may be life threatening

Zoom News : Jun 05, 2021, 04:32 PM
New Delhi. After the second wave of Corona epidemic, the case has increased in the country as well. During this, not only has seen different influences in the people in Corona's grip, but the diseases found in people are also becoming jailed during the corona or later. A similar problem is also coming out of the blood pressure.

In many cases of Corona in the country, complaints to slow down blood pressure have also been revealed. Even after the recovery from Corona in many patients, there are also notifications to be found at the bottom of blood pressure. At the same time, after Corona or Corona, the patients have also revealed that the blood pressure of the patient could not increase and death.

Max Healthcare Vaishali Senior Consultant Dr. Ajay Kumar explains that there is a problem of taking blood pressure in patients not only in Corona but also during many other diseases. Usually, if BP is high, there are brain hemorrhage or hart problems, while BP does not get such serious symptoms. But now things have been complicated since Corona.

Dr. Ajay says that after being recorded or recovered from Corona, if the blood pressure of the patient is not normal and it is constantly going down, it is a matter of concern. This is also due to shock. In many cases of death from Kovid, it has been seen that the person has a BP and the oxygen level has also dropped, while the blood pressure has not been increased till the end.

Dr. Kumar says that here it is a matter of notice that if your BP is taking it, do not take it lightly, but instantly contact the doctor. It may be full of danger. Let us tell that many people still have to take BP from normal but it is necessary to deal with any danger during Kovid that do not take negligence about BP lo.

Low BP or Hypotension from 90/60

The doctor says that not only about the Corona virus but also in general, even if people are emerging from Corona, check the BP regularly. Let me tell that when any blood pressure goes below 90/60, it is called BP or Hypotension. During this time the person starts unconsciousness, as well as intimidation becomes blurred. Some people also come round. This has a effect on the pumping verb.