Country / Farmers can take bank loan even on the house built in the fields changes made in the rules

Zoom News : Oct 02, 2021, 10:33 AM
Revenue Minister Harish Chaudhary claims that through this campaign, the government will try to solve the problems of the people even in the villages.

Minister Harish Chaudhary said in a conversation with the media at his residence on Monday that this time in the campaign with the administration village, work like copying and map will be negligible. He said that more than 300 tehsils have been made online by the Revenue Department. If anyone wants map and copy then I can apply online.

Farmers can take loan on the house built in the fields

Revenue Minister Harish Chaudhary said that now the farmer will be able to take loan even on his house built in the fields. For this, the rules of Rajasthan Land Revenue Act have been changed. He said that farmers and villagers have temporary large plots which are owned by them as possession, but they are not owned by the rules.

In such a situation, the account holder of that land was also not with the farmer or villager, but now the farmer will get the ownership of that house. Harish Chaudhary said that if there were houses in the farm, they would not get bank loan, but now when farmers get the lease of the houses built on the farm, they will also get the loan.

The work of 21 departments will be done in the campaign with the villages

Under the campaign with village administration, camps will be organized in every gram panchayat of 11341 gram panchayats of 352 panchayat samitis of the state. Under this campaign, the work of 21 departments will be done in the camps to be held in every panchayat. These departments include Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Public Health Engineering and Ground Water, Agriculture, Tribal Area Development, Energy, Social Justice and Empowerment, Military Welfare, Women and Child Development, Medical and Health Family Welfare, Food and Civil Supplies, Planning, Animal Husbandry. There will be work of labor, ayurveda. Similarly, the work of Cooperative Department, Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Limited, Public Works, Education, Forest Department, Water Resources and Transport Department will be included.