Royal Challengers Bengaluru / How can RCB now qualify for the playoffs, understand in the easiest language

Zoom News : Apr 25, 2024, 04:30 PM
Royal Challengers Bengaluru: The RCB team captained by Faf Duplessis is going through a difficult phase at the moment. At this time, if you look at the IPL points table, it will be clearly visible that the team is at the last position. But if you are thinking that Royal Challengers Bangalore cannot reach the playoffs now, then you are wrong. Although it is certain that a lot of multiplication math will have to be done, only after that the RCB team will be able to reach the top 4. Meanwhile, today we will tell you what are the possibilities for RCB now and what will be the scenario by which the team can reach the fourth position.

RCB needs support from other teams too

The best situation for RCB would be that the teams which are currently on top, win most of their remaining matches. This will mean that the problems may increase for the teams which are stuck in the middle. If we look at the current points table, it is clear that the teams of Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad are near the playoffs. That means these teams should keep winning their matches. If the Rajasthan team wins four more out of its remaining 6 matches, then its total points will increase to 22 and the team will finish at number one at the moment. If KKR and SRH teams win 5 out of their remaining seven matches then their points will be 20. This means that after the first, we will also get the second and third team, but the last spot will still remain vacant.

RCB will have to win all their remaining matches

If the Royal Challengers Bangalore team wins all its remaining matches from here, then it will have 14 points, but the interesting thing is that if the things we told you are correct then the rest of the teams will have only 12 maximum points. Will be able to connect. That means, as the fourth team, RCB will be successful in entering the playoffs. The rest of the equations will depend on the other teams, but even if they get it right, it will be necessary for the RCB team to win all its remaining matches and some matches by a big margin, so that its net run rate also improves. Lets do it.

Today RCB will face SRH

Today RCB's match will be played against Sunrisers Hyderabad at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium. This match is very important for RCB. If RCB wins then it will continue to breathe, but if it faces defeat then the story will not be able to go much further. In such a situation, today's match is going to be very special. It remains to be seen how the team manages to perform.