Social Media Viral / I want a boy who... As soon as it was said, there was a line of those who proposed the girl!

Zoom News : May 28, 2022, 05:53 PM
Social Media Viral: A model revealed on social media how she wants a boy. While sharing his picture, he told one by one what qualities he wants in a boy. After knowing his demand, there was a line of people proposing to him. Many users have proposed him on social media. However, some users also said that the demand for the model is a bit high.

The name of this model is Anastazia. She has more than four and a half lakh followers on Instagram, where she keeps posting her glamorous pictures. Anastazia is also known for her luxury lifestyle. Its glimpse can be seen in his photos.

Recently, model Anastazia posted a picture of herself and wrote that I would like to love a person who is passionate about me. His passion should not be limited to just the initial days.

Anastazia says that the person will have to get my name tattooed. She has to take off my makeup when I'm tired. Not only this, whenever I go to the airport, he will have to carry my bag-luggage etc. All in all, I have to be treated like a princess. I have to love him as much as I love him.

What did the users say on the model's post?

Thousands of users have reacted to Anastazia's post. Many users said that they are ready to do so, while there are some users who said that the demand for the model is a bit high.

One user said- 'I will not settle for less than this.' On the other hand, the other user said- 'I am not, trust me.' The model's video has been viewed by more than 2.5 lakh people on Tiktok.