Bihar / In Danapur, a pickup filled with 18 people engulfed in the Ganges, 9 bodies were found; Continue looking for 7

Zoom News : Apr 23, 2021, 11:44 AM
The pickup van collapsed in the Ganges river in Danapur on Friday morning in Bihar. There were 18 people in it. 9 bodies have been recovered, including three children. 2 people swam out. The search for the remaining 7 continues. All people are relatives who were returning to Danapur after attending the Tilak ceremony in Akhilpur, Diyara. The wedding was to take place on 26 April.

It is being told that the accident occurred when the pickup van was passing through the Pipa bridge. The locals tried to evacuate the vehicle using the boat, but were not successful. The administration is busy evacuating the vehicle with the help of JCB. The SDRF team has been pressed into search for the submerged people.

Local swimmers also searched

The police reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported. Before the SDRF team reached the spot, local swimmers were searched for water-logged people.