PM Modi's speech / In G-20, PM Modi again made a big statement on Ukraine war, a direct attack on the United Nations... the world was shocked to see the aggression

Zoom News : Nov 15, 2022, 09:41 AM
PM Modi's speech in G-20 Summit: In the ongoing G-20 conference in Bali, Indonesia, PM Modi has again given a big statement regarding the Ukraine war. As already the eyes of the whole world were fixed on the Prime Minister of India and everyone expected that the Prime Minister would definitely make some big statement. Regarding the Ukraine war, PM Modi said in his own style that I have repeatedly said that we have to find a way to return to the path of ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine. In the last century, the Second World War wreaked havoc in the world. After that the leaders of that time tried to adopt the path of peace. Now it's our turn.

PM Modi, seen in a very aggressive manner, did not stop here. He also took direct aim at the United Nations on issues ranging from climate change to the COVID pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine to supply chains around the world and the food energy crisis. The Prime Minister began his speech with an address to greet the world leaders. He said that I heartily congratulate Indonesian President Joko Widodo for providing effective leadership to the G-20 in a challenging global environment.

PM Modi said that many problems together have created havoc in the world.

Prime Minister Modi said that climate change, Covid pandemic, development in Ukraine and global problems related to it together have created havoc in the world. The global supply chain is ruined. There is a crisis of essential goods all over the world. The challenge is more serious for the poor citizens of every country. Everyday life was already a struggle for him. They do not have the financial capacity to deal with the double whammy. Due to the double whammy, they lack the financial capacity to handle it. We should also not hesitate to admit that multilateral institutions such as the United Nations have failed on these issues. And we all have failed to make suitable corrections in them. So today the world has more expectations from the G-20, the relevance of our grouping has become all the more important.

Strong message has to be given to world peace

PM Modi said in Bali that the responsibility of building a new world order for the post-Covid period rests on our shoulders. The need of the hour is to show concerted and collective resolve to ensure peace, harmony and security in the world. I am sure that when the G-20 meets next year in the holy land of Buddha and Gandhi, we will all agree to send a strong message of peace to the world. He said that India ensured food security of its 1.3 billion citizens during the pandemic. At the same time, food grains were also supplied to many needy countries. The current shortage of fertilizers is also a major threat in terms of food security. Today's shortage of manure is tomorrow's food crisis, which the world will not have a solution for. We must agree to keep the supply chain of both fertilizers and food grains stable and secure.

Made the world realize the power of India

PM Modi said that for sustainable food security in India, we are promoting natural farming and re-popularizing nutritious and traditional food grains like millet. Millet can also address global malnutrition and hunger. We all should celebrate the International Year of Millets with great enthusiasm next year. India's energy security is also important for global growth, as it is the world's fastest growing economy. We should not promote any restrictions on the supply of energy and stability in the energy market should be ensured. India is committed to clean energy and environment. By 2030, half of our electricity will be generated from renewable sources. An inclusive energy transition requires timely and affordable finance and a sustainable supply of technology to developing countries. During India's G-20 Presidency, we will work for a global consensus on all these issues.